El Nino

El Niņo is the solo project of 26 year old Oren Gilat, based in Israel.
Since he was 8 years old, electronic music became part in his life after getting his first psychedelic trance cd.
By the time he was 14 years old, Oren first started performing as a DJ at local parties and later at much bigger events in Israel.
Producing electronic music was the next big step, and after a few years of fooling around with software such as the legendary Impulse tracker,
Oren met Mor Zarbel aka Morpheus who introduced him to the professional production software such as Cubase and Logic.
Since then El Niņo was playing all over Israel at parties and festivals and in Europe for organisers such as Roots, Antiwolrd,
Venom, Atom and many more. His sets always consists of an uplifting groove and are always happy, melodic and atmospheric.

These days Oren has been busy producing his debut album to be released on Pointzero Records, and also working on his highly rated
Progressive House act, Gilat, which is signed to Fatali Music. Alongside his Full-On Psychedelic Trance project as El-Nino, Oren has also
just completed his sound engineering diploma coarse after 2 years in college, studying the full
theoretical and practical secrets of sound.

During the last few years Oren had been playing at many venues across London such as Matter @ O2 arena (Ranked 4th by DJ MAG), Club-Area @ Vauxhall and
Jacks Club to name but a few.

Oren has been collaborating with artists such as Fatali, Morpheus, Shar and many more.

El-Nino's debut EP is due to be released soon and will also be available from all major digital download sites. All of El-Nino's other tracks can also
be heard from these major downloading sites. You can be sured that 2011 will yet again be a hectic year for El-Nino, so don't miss out on the chance to
see him perform at an event near you.